You ninnys who scream NOT FAIR! when you get killed - PREPARE YOURSELF!

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codebreak1337 posted...
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How is it fair when you are killed by a zombie horde whilst waiting for a door to load. I've never once been delayed in real life by a door not opening because the next room has to load first. Other than that, great game so far.

well maybe you were nervous ... you seen a horror movie before right?

plenty of times door is open and they cant open it.. quit complain.

And that sorry excuse is supposed to be taken seriously? I really hope that was a joke... That gameplay mechanic isnt even in this game. He ran into what sounds like a gameplay glitch and yes thats a reason to be upset as id rather lose by my own carelessness not due to a crazy loadtime.
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so its a tiny mistake.. it happens is not an apple worth a dime ?
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The door-loading zombies killed me is a lie.

Never happened once to me. Game is designed not to penalize you when door is loading.

Even if true, just run around a bit, door will open.
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another late night heavy rain ? lol
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I've only had one unfair death. I looted a container and it teleported me into an area I needed a key card to get out of. Of course I didn't have the key card so I had to grenade myself to get out.
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I feel that this topic is in correlation to my topic.

My flares did not work. Their whole purpose is to draw enemies to them and away from me. If they're still trying to eat me, that is unfair. It's a flaw of in game logic lol.

I love the Souls games and generally difficult games. I'm not one to b**** about things, but that was the one death where I felt screwed.

Flares work well only if you turn off your light.