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4 years ago#1
I just logged in with my UPlay account in ZombiU. I saw that I have a couple of "chievo" and I also spotted this one. Does this mean I have to go all the way through the game if I missed one camera? I'm around the middle of the game I guess (Brick Lane) and I'm not sure I've got all the cameras hacked... how would I know? If I finish the game without one of them do I have to go through the whole game again?
4 years ago#2
you will have to go through the entire game to get it again.

Fear not, there will be a point in the game where it tells you its the point of no return. Before that you can still get all the CCTV you missed.

Note there will still be one you cannot get until near the end of the game.
4 years ago#3
Thanks a lot! Do you know if there is a resource online listing all the CCTV spots?
4 years ago#4
Sorry for double post, how do I know if I got them all before going through the very last part of the game?
4 years ago#5
Go to the monitors in the safe house. It lists all the CCTV feeds from the areas you've been to. Unhacked ones will display snow/static.
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