the hoard after nursey

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4 years ago#11
thanks for the input guys! i finally got passed it only to die by my own mine in the arena. LOL....just my luck. well i think im done with survivor for now i gave it my best. 14134 is my high score
4 years ago#12
shawnbouton posted...
the hoard while prepper is hacking the door. im on surivor and i have to keep quittin because i cant last long enough for prepper to hack the door. i am usin flares which help alot. is there any tricks or good spots to hide for a good chunk of time?

survivor...quitting to save your hide...

perhaps chicken mode is more your thing then.

on topic, I have a hard time to see how you manage to die here, since all you have to do is run in circles with a few zombies behind you. I didn't even use flares on my first attempt...
4 years ago#13
There's a barrel near that door, get all the zombies to follow you, and walk towards the barrel, throw a flare at the barrel, wait for the horde to stand next to it, shoot the barrel....

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