Retrieve the Panacea Game Breaking Bug?!?!?! Please Help! (Slight Spoilers)

#1Darkitachi54Posted 1/26/2013 10:47:12 AM
I'm close too the end of Zombi-U and I died when having the objective leave the underground, I went to recover my dead body but died again, Now I fianlly cleared out of all the Zombies and the Panacea is no longer present?!?! I went back to the computer and it wouldn't let me take the USB again. The game is stuck and wont advance Please help if theres a solution.
#2mikeluntPosted 1/26/2013 1:42:31 PM
All I suggest you can do is just retrace your steps from the retinal scanner door right through to where you got USB stick - scan everywhere - there is an ending I believe where you don't get the Panacea - haven't tried it myself - never had to retrieve Panacea before - if you lose it you may not be able to get it again - not really sure TBH - if its still telling you to get it - then what I suggested to start with should work - good luck