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ZombiU - Normal Mode Standard in 01:13:59 (Video link inside) (Archived)Tiporeal104/1/2013
Glitch Refueling the Generator/Entering St... George's (?) Church (Archived)mister_meister43/31/2013
Overstated Difficulty (Archived)Elektrik_Shadow93/30/2013
Some details about the patch... (Archived)George Trevor23/30/2013
Prepper pad hack to hack doors upgrade ?? (Archived)twistedmisery23/30/2013
Codes (Archived)twistedmisery13/29/2013
Patch out, fixed this: (Archived)vidalmoraza53/29/2013
Bought this game at launch, played 1 hour... (Archived)Cubfan08263/29/2013
found old self killed it and could not loot (Archived)shadow_knight6103/29/2013
Normal Mode - Standard Mode SpeedRun 1:18:19 (no item duping glitch) (Archived)Tiporeal83/29/2013
Item duplication not possible after patch? (Archived)creepinchi73/29/2013
About the ending SPOILERS (Archived)Centuri8853/28/2013
Man I suck at this game (Archived)ringotaku53/28/2013
Patch Today?!?! (Archived)Fei51963/27/2013
did they patch this yet? (Archived)GigerSupreme93/27/2013
This is Haze-level of quality. Why do you guys keep promoting it? (Archived)Nate_Dihldorff93/25/2013
Survival Mode Finally Completed xD... Playtime 03:56:48 (Archived)
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at the explosive zombie in the tower of london near roof (Archived)DashBombers53/23/2013
whats needed for best ending? (spoilers) (Archived)PaladinAlik33/21/2013
well... hopefully some noobs will be in for a nasty surprise... (Archived)Citan2233/21/2013
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