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Framerate lag? (Archived)r3dh3r0612/13/2012
Anyone lose a survivor and just run their replacement to his doom right away? (Archived)Mastermidget23712/13/2012
Just finished the Nursery... (Archived)wingo84212/13/2012
Awful ending SPOILERS (Archived)randy182512/13/2012
Glitch on the final part? *spoilers* (Archived)Darkscyther0x612/13/2012
Chicken mode confession (Archived)
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Slight changes that would have made a great game even better. (Archived)sejan12312/13/2012
Brick lane flats dee's letter (Archived)DaMiXt212/13/2012
Question about final scenes in good ending. *spoilers* (Archived)atopp399212/13/2012
*gets to the final part of the game* *low battery light turns on* (Archived)Gamechamp3k312/13/2012
Isn't the Prepper kind of a hypocrite? (Archived)Gamechamp3k312/13/2012
graphics are great yalls trippin (Archived)0roddman112/13/2012
Did this happen to you? (No spoilers past the first 10 minutes) (Archived)Zanzenburger312/13/2012
Effectively unlimited ammo, with some time and effort? (Archived)Justice98405412/13/2012
So why do the graphics look so poor (Archived)
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@ All people that have glitched games (Archived)Johnny_Utah_612/13/2012
What I love most about this game (Archived)J_holdz912/13/2012
Should I buy this or Ninja Gaiden 3? (Archived)PelesSponge512/13/2012
What? *ending spoilers* (Archived)
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My first door code (spoilers) (Archived)themoth2112312/13/2012
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