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Anyone else struggling with aiming, control sticks on the pad? (Archived)Devo05912/10/2012
Whats the point of the stupid messages you can scan (Archived)NEILELLIE212/10/2012
Do I have to tell Ubisoft no EVERY time? (Archived)Justice98405712/10/2012
Watched a Youtube playthrough of this... (Archived)
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I thought if you die trying to kill your previous self then that self dies (Archived)NEILELLIE212/10/2012
The carbine is basically a pistol (Archived)Foxling212/10/2012
i need friends. (Archived)
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what do you do (Archived)BurningLance212/10/2012
Panacea in Palace - Did I game break? *END GAME SPOILERS* (Archived)Ost316412/10/2012
Does the Japanese version have English? (Archived)Seitetsu212/9/2012
How do I get to the bottom floor of Buckingham Palace? (Archived)Foxling212/9/2012
Are there any non-zombie enemies you have to kill? (Archived)CaptainRandom1212/9/2012
Code on a picture for this door...? Help (Archived)
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Question for Survival mode players (Spoilers) (Archived)Soluix912/9/2012
Can you shake of zombies (Archived)tman431312/9/2012
Wondering about multiplayer has anyone here played the Source Mod Zombie Master? (Archived)ninto55112/9/2012
Sign if u think this is GOTY! (Archived)Jonbazookaboz212/9/2012
So who else quits if they are gonna get killed (Archived)
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Dee's Letters (Archived)
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Question about Virucide (Archived)xLexLuth0rx612/9/2012
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