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Possible C4 glitch (Archived)rl1212/8/2012
Wow, the multiplayer is a lot of fun (Archived)ninjanerdbgm612/8/2012
Lost my DB Shotgun (Archived)Mr_Nintendo_128112/8/2012
What's the spread upgrade modify? (Archived)Foxling312/8/2012
Please help!! i think im STUCK survival arena (Archived)soundrealm912/8/2012
What's your face when playing ZombiU? (Poll)Megabest39112/8/2012
Should I sell this back to gamestop after I beat it? (Archived)00lowbattery00712/8/2012
Question about the point of no return (Archived)kvmer412/8/2012
can i leave my stuff anywhere and it stays there? (Archived)Finnish84412/8/2012
free roaming... (Archived)
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(very vague spoiler) Holy cow. That was pretty intense In the nursery. (Archived)
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Someone help me understand the story *spoiler* (Archived)Judgement_Ring112/7/2012
So for those of you still playing this, how many hours have you clocked in it? (Archived)LotionExplosion712/7/2012
Anyway to block spitting zombies? (Archived)xxbambamxx83712/7/2012
Should I go physical or digital? (Archived)
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"You need a hammer to remove barricades." (Archived)Gamechamp3k512/7/2012
HEY YOU GUY! Be my friend! I need them ^_^ (Archived)
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what the heck, my game glitch!!!! (Archived)pasai86612/7/2012
I'm about to buy this game....please answer some questions first. (Archived)keybladeXIII912/7/2012
Why I love this game: (Archived)Retneug312/7/2012
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