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Short cut near nursery? (Archived)LethalLala61/27/2014
Wow That 'Best Ending'...(SPOILERS PERHAPS) (Archived)cyberpik21/26/2014
So, the nursery (Archived)
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Bought this for 11 bucks from Amazon. (Archived)NewportBox100s61/19/2014
ZombiU beaten in less than 1 hour, after a lot of work, it's finally been done! (Archived)Tiporeal51/17/2014
This is a great board! x (Archived)Maciver31/13/2014
Finished a second time (Archived)Zombi_King21/7/2014
Is this worth cash? (Archived)marwiiu3d81/7/2014
What does "spread upgrade" do? (Archived)game_mander31/5/2014
This game would never come to the 360 right? (Archived)shotgunheadshot1012/31/2013
Hardest parts of the campaign? (Archived)S0LAR512/30/2013
C4 Question (Spoilers) (Archived)dyami6687512/24/2013
What is the purpose of the TVs in the safe house? (Archived)proph3t_23512/21/2013
I got this last Christmas, I'm so glad new people are liking it. (Archived)
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Just ordered this for $7.5 (Archived)Enaikei412/9/2013
Code for Freeman spoilers (Archived)TonyRodrigues76212/7/2013
ZU's multiplayer is so AWESOME!,,I just wish it was online (no local game buds) (Archived)selfdeztruction112/1/2013
can someone elaborate the uplay rewards a bit? (Archived)GaryAtEastern312/1/2013
ZombiU Chicken Best Known Time - 1:04:33 in a single sitting (1:35:05 Real-time) (Archived)Tiporeal411/30/2013
Manhole doesn't work?? (Archived)mayor-sadie311/30/2013
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