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Lots of new info on characters and story (Archived)Daiohma29/6/2012
will they have the origonal game in zombi u (Archived)tman431109/2/2012
How thick will the hordes get? (Archived)
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What makes you think killer freaks is cancelled (Archived)tman43198/30/2012
It's nice how they're doing what the Dreamcast did with Resident Evils. (Archived)leon_trunks78/30/2012
This looks like a Doom clone (Archived)
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horde at your door? (Archived)darthmaulik88/27/2012
This looks like a dead island clone. (Archived)
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There is no such thing as a neutral game site, and being daft is forever (Archived)Tottentanz78/26/2012
Day 1 Purchase (Archived)DolkaPots48/21/2012
HipHopGamer interview, story elements revealed for the game (Archived)Tottentanz38/18/2012
Preorder now at newegg get $10 off! (Archived)__FiaIe__28/17/2012
This looks like a Faceball 2000 clone. (Archived)Liwakip48/17/2012
Gamescom just around the corner, who here is excited in Europe to see this? (Archived)Tottentanz78/15/2012
local multiplayer gameplay. (Archived)Hawke0108/6/2012
good idea for online (Archived)tman43138/5/2012
For the new people who may not know anything about the game itself: (Archived)Tottentanz38/3/2012
Are the analog controls bad (Archived)tman43128/2/2012
Hands on with Zombie U (Archived)reverence2787/31/2012
This looks like a left 4 dead clone. (Archived)
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