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I'm so sick of seeing empty Survivors in the Safe House (Archived)RainingMetal27/7/2013
Finally finished my Survival Speed Run - 01:12:52 with Best ending (Archived)Tiporeal26/28/2013
"Black Angels" are really the *spoilers* right? (Archived)DropOut_NW26026/27/2013
One Survivor video walkthrough. (Archived)ThePrisoner0626/25/2013
PLease help (Archived)jgfan4ever2416/25/2013
Wait, so is this a good game? (Archived)
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ZombiU Standard Leaderboard has gone into overdrive. (Archived)ThePrisoner0616/22/2013
Who is curretly playing? (Archived)
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I seriously don't understand what "The Last of Them" is. (Archived)titanMAX10016/20/2013
Really liking ZombiU (Archived)PlagueRevenant36/17/2013
Will I have to go all the way back (spoilers) (Archived)thefabregas2236/14/2013
So I completed the Arena this morning . . . on Chicken (Archived)aerosmith546/13/2013
So now I have to restart the entire game... (SPOILERS) (Archived)Model_Omega26/10/2013
Puzzling. I can't find 13x assault rifle ammo in ... *spoilers* (Archived)lonlonmilklover56/7/2013
is this game like dead island? (Archived)DeathBySpam46/2/2013
How far am i ? spoilers (Archived)DropOut_NW26035/30/2013
Should I sacrifice my 20+hours survival-mode run for a speedrun??? (Archived)Tiporeal65/30/2013
Few questions (Archived)boxdude12365/28/2013
Am I Out Of Luck? Help, Please (Archived)psykojuggalo9865/28/2013
Worst places to die. (Archived)FFFanatic123495/28/2013
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