Need friends!

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4 years ago#1
Just got a vita, hate not having friends on a new system :( add me if you want! We can do battle together lul =P

4 years ago#2
not close to my vita but ill do it tonight
If You Don't Stand For Something. You May Fall For Anything. - Psn Jalenhead95
4 years ago#3
I think I got ya bro!
4 years ago#4
me too!

psn: longjiao
4 years ago#5
Me too! PSN: Wellets
4 years ago#6
Psn: Rawr8e6.
3 years ago#7
I got a Vita & All Stars at Xmas, don't have a lot of friends added either. Feel free to add for a game! Tag: DMCC92
3 years ago#8

Add me. I'm on alot.
3 years ago#9
feel free to add me
PSN - ravercandycat
3 years ago#10
PSN: Bigmouthkid

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