For those who ACTUALLY want Crash and Spyro

#1LluaZargPosted 3/4/2013 8:24:45 AM
I don't know if this topic will actually get much attention as we already have one on the PS3 boards, but a few people suggested to put one here too and I figure it wouldn't hurt.

The official forums have started a campaign to convince Activision and Santa Monica to get Crash and Spyro in PSASBR.

The main form of getting their attention is tweeting Santa Monica and Activision on

@ATVIAssist :

with the hashtags: #ListentothefansActivsion and/or #CrashNSpyro4PSASBR

Another form is posting on the Activision Support Facebook Timeline:

Some results:
- We have gotten a few replies from Santa Monica and Activision
- By my count we have almost 400 tweets to Activision by now.
- Links to the campaign are being thumbed up on youtube videos.
- Lots of people are sending messages via PSN to inform other All-Stars players
- The topic on the official forums is the highest kudoed topic
- Some low level news sites have taken notice and might write something about it.

For more details, check the official forums:
PSN: Lluazarg