Did anyone else order this on Amazon for $9.99?

#1BurgerTime79Posted 3/8/2013 11:02:39 PM
A seller called Worldwide Sales had this game for $10 at the beginning of the week, and since this is a title that my wife wanted to check out, and we have younger nephews, I went ahead and ordered it.

Well...it arrived, and they didn't send everything. Inside the Amazon shipping box was another box wrapped in an opaque tamper proof grey plastic package. After opening that was a generic white cardboard box. Inside that one was the game and book. There was no original packaging for the game, which leads me to believe that the seller gutted a bundle to give me the game and book and sold off the camera and controller separately. Now I wasn't buying the bundle and didn't expect them to be in there, but what I expected was the regular edition of the game complete in it's original box.
Isn't this exactly the type of thing that the "Not For Resale" over the UPC is on there for to begin with?

I've already sent an email to the seller, but I wanted to see if anyone else out there had run into the same thing.
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