Question for people who got this at launch

#1F2l2o2r2i2sPosted 11/24/2012 9:28:08 AM
Hi, I'm from the Netherlands and I'm probably going to get the deluxe set when it's released here at November 30th.

I'm going to have enough friends and casual gaming family around to enjoy the multiplayer long enough but how long did you play the 1P attractions before you completely beat them and collected all the stamps?
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#2j_darrellPosted 11/24/2012 2:19:42 PM
It took me long enough just to get the stars for them, and the stars are easy mode.
#3pokemonfreak97Posted 11/24/2012 3:31:37 PM
How long did it take you? I'm not DONE with any one of them!
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#4NypholisPosted 11/24/2012 5:22:44 PM
The stars are pretty easy to get. As for all the stamps, that takes time. The only game I've actually completed (Star, Platinum trophy, and all stamps) is the Octopus Dance. I'm pretty close in the Zelda game, just a few more levels to master. I've been playing off and on for the past week, much more content than I would have imagined.