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4 years ago#1
Hey there. I'm currently sitting at 70 stamps, and I'm trying to get the last two on Pikmin. I'm stuck on Cage of Terror. Tried it 3 times and I keep dying at the boss because of the annoying AI. Anyone have advice on how to beat these last few levels solo? Also, how in the world are you supposed to master these stages with only one player?
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4 years ago#2
Play as the pikmin, if you're playing the game solo. Gather as much nectar as possible, and get a fist before the battle.

During the battle, try to stay inside of the curve of the boss so he'll protect you from the spinning top segments. With the fist, you should target the spot just behind the head so your combos will hit the other segments as they pass on by. Just make sure to stay behind his head, so he can't bite you!

When he reassembles for phase 2, get in close and smack him repeatedly until his weak point vanishes. Run to the opposite side of the arena and keep moving along the outside edge, jumping to increase your speed. When the centipede charges you, you need to be moving perpendicular to his direction to avoid him. Cross your fingers and hope when he hits the outside edge he turns away from you, otherwise you have to try to get behind him before he charges again.

I seem to recall there's an extra fist or two in the arena. If you lose your fist, you might be able to get another one. If you lose the fist, though, getting a master rank will be impossible. You just can't do enough damage without a powerup.

When he slows down, run in close so you can hit his weak point as soon as it appears. Repeat until he enters phase 3.

When he falls apart the second time and his weak point stays exposed, simply jump on top of the boss and attack like crazy. He's unable to throw off the pikmin during the final phase, and none of his segments can hurt you while you're riding him. Just keep pumping the attack button until he dies for good!

Good luck!

If you need additional help with Pikmin solo master ranks, search for "Pikmin" because there are older topics that discuss strategy in pretty good detail. All levels can be mastered solo.
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4 years ago#3
Thanks for the help! I have no problem with phase 1. Phase 2 would also be fine, except when the AI Olimar runs to the same area of the arena as I do. Then the centipede attacks and kills Olimar while I jump out of the way, but the centipede always turns my way and I can't jump soon enough to avoid it. I wish I could play without the AI sometimes...I'll check out those other topics though. :)
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4 years ago#4
I just mastered the cage of terror with Olimar. I lost the fist powerup in stage two of the centipede, but still managed to beat it, so maybe playing as Olimar gives you more leeway in this level.
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