Problem with Mii data

#1SemajerPosted 5/6/2014 10:28:10 AM
I played Nintendo Land again yesterday after not playing it for several months. When I selected my Mii I noticed that next to it was a silhouette of the same Mii. After finishing a round of Mario Chase my Mii unlocked a stamp that I should have already had, basically my Mii had lost all it's data.

I tried to select the silhouette to see if that was the Mii with all my data, but it said that it cannot be selected, and that I need to have more than one Mii on my system to transfer the data.

I only have one Mii on my system, and I've never edited it, or changed it, so I have no idea how this has happened. Does anyone know how I can get my data working again, or if I can transfer it to another Mii and then back again to the original?