Alternative way to change characters?

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Besides the analogue stick? Was there ever a patch for a button press instead?
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RratedSuperstar posted...
Besides the analogue stick? Was there ever a patch for a button press instead?

Do you mean changing weapons, or actually changing characters? They're two different things.

If you meant changing weapons then no, and both the analog stick and touch screen work fine anyway. A button press wouldn't work because there are too many weapons for that, among other things.

If you meant changing characters you don't use the analog stick for that, you open a menu on the gamepad and select the character from there.
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Yeh sorry I meant weapons. My skill level probably sucks I just find it a little difficult changing weapons with all the e fast paced action. But I've decided to try out the demo last night I got further than I did the first time I guess I could get use to it. Only asked as my game store has 101 on sale for a limited time, I'll pick one up today I guess! Thanks!
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You get used to it. It took me a few chapters to get the hang of the controls, but after that, boy was everything great.
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You can actually use the dpad to change characters. Since the character select screen never changes if you memorize where each of the characters is on your menu you can quickly select the character by moving with the dpad.

For example red is usually the default so if you tap up and press A it will change your character to the wonder red, or the hand. Blue is usually the second slot so press up,right and press A to use wonder blue, or the sword. up,right,right for the gun and so on.

here are the quid-pro-quos

-you can't use this to do the assists obviously, or the qtes
-this only selects the character so you'll need to press attack a second time to actually conjure the weapon
-this actually changes the character so if you've got a special character equipped or are levelling someone this will screw that up
-you need all of your team healthy since if any of them are downed it makes them unselectable on the character menu and will sometimes mess up the pattern

and most annoyingly
-there's a glitch that shows a different default selection screen on on every xxx-A operation so you'll have to memorize a different pattern for those operations

Even with all that this isn't a bad option if you're not good at drawing and can be faster and more reliable. Whenever I need to turn a dial I love just having to press up,A to get the hand.