3rd bowling challenge, shot #8?

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User Info: Koopatrol

3 years ago#1
Hey guys I'm having trouble with the 8th shot in level 3 of challenge bowling. It's the one with two Penny pins (or was it Mona? I forget) and two Orbulon pins almost in a diagonal square formation.

I've been able to get all the other challenges in one or two tries but no matter what I do I can never get this. I've been trying to shoot down the right side then angle it left through the middle of them. What's the trick?

User Info: gunarm_dyne

3 years ago#2
Can't say I remember. Got that one by pure luck, but I think I shot the ball from the left at a / angle so that it hit the right side of both Penny pins to knock them \ towards the Orbulon ones.
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