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Stuck between choosing this game or kid icarus uprising (Archived)Typhlos32/19 11:31AM
Over one year later, nobody knows how to get a perfect grade in Pirates yet. (Archived)CaioNV112/31 7:34AM
Missing Scroll in Kung Fu Stage 3 (Archived)XScarredHeart212/17 8:59PM
this game is impossible to find in stores (Archived)Sinful_Desire210/20 2:16PM
Wow...This game went out like a light FAST (Archived)Boo Destroyer39/12 3:46PM
Are there more than the 4 multiplayer games? (Archived)HibikiRush38/27/2014
Garlic is Wario's favorite food. (Archived)D4Cs_Love_Train18/20/2014
is this Game really worth getting? (Archived)dereksonic2227/29/2014
They don't sell this game anymore? D: (Archived)Taser909022/22/2014
Why did they change Mona's design in this game? (Archived)Boo Destroyer12/8/2014
What is this? (Archived)Xerneas111/28/2014
Is there any Secret Call Codes on this game from the Cluck-A-Pop Collection? (Archived)crypticzombie221/10/2014
Just ordered this for 20 bucks !!! (Archived)NewportBox100s112/18/2013
I'm gonna buy this when I get a Wii U . (Archived)NewportBox100s211/6/2013
Does anyone actually care about the characters in this series at all? (Archived)Boo Destroyer79/28/2013
Why the hell is Gamer so unfair and rigged? (Archived)Boo Destroyer29/28/2013
"Gamer" is so great, worth price of game alone. (Archived)mammalcrossing18/25/2013
Is anyone else annoyed... (Archived)Boo Destroyer28/13/2013
what do i do for the "go home" microgame? (Archived)Al_the_Big28/12/2013
In "Pirates", how do I get a better grade on "Rhythm"? (Archived)
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