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Online help for japanese version (Archived)AlkaStealther14/13 12:38PM
New Release (Archived)Uchiha-DEMON33/30 1:12PM
New signature moves (Archived)tanin12311/25 5:56AM
still need some help with team match (Archived)mothbarn21/2 7:58PM
Need help with objectives (Archived)NightzeroAX312/5 3:04AM
Peeps who know more about the series than me (Everyone)....Part 3 (Archived)hideousfranchis611/18 1:34PM
Juggle vid for Ken With Original 80s music from old show. :) (Archived)dragonball1957111/11 5:56PM
Can the violence level be adjusted like in the original? (Archived)GirlyPowah310/17 7:25AM
Team Match/Co-op trophies (Archived)DarkFists310/11 11:52PM
Team Match Trophy (Next Set) (Archived)Terristat19/29 8:04PM
Anyone still play this online? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
solstriderx199/20 5:26PM
Team Matches are go! (Archived)Terristat89/4 5:55AM
Soundtrack? (Archived)Grimmgamer1328/29 6:02PM
TGS 2014 - Anyone else hoping for news of a new title? (Archived)hideousfranchis18/19 4:38AM
Why I hate digital Distribution... (Archived)Rhio2k48/17 9:24PM
WHat characters can you unlock in this game without DLC? (Archived)solstriderx58/17 4:11AM
Anyone here have the Eupropean Version or othe Disc Version? (Archived)solstriderx28/1 11:23AM
If you have this game add me for online (Archived)solstriderx17/14 4:32PM
Character's little gimmicks (Archived)unnamedFer17/11 10:05AM
Any difference in story between 1 and 2? (Archived)HappyUnicorn10147/10 7:02AM
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