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Tips for Traffic Attack and Pursuit (Archived)billwalton38/12 4:06PM
The online mode is sad. (Archived)Boulders42027/8 9:41AM
I know its kinda late but... what did the last update do? (Archived)GaryAtEastern14/18 8:17PM
Just Bought This (Archived)BrianCraigSmith12/28 7:31PM
Loving this - anyone want to share NNIDs who play online? (Archived)anastazius9111/7 4:44AM
Friend Topic (Archived)Tanooki_Yoshi110/15 6:06PM
This is a great game that shouldn't be overshadowed. (Archived)Velocitrix28/13/2014
This board is kinda like J.F Kennedy (Archived)Wolfie_Claws16/28/2014
co-op on tv (Archived)dragonsamus36/22/2014
help getting some stickers (Archived)milliardo1545/28/2014
This or 3ds? (Archived)FunkyKong8445/18/2014
Out in Japan on Thursday (Archived)PhantasmShot15/12/2014
Sonic Allstars Racing finally gets a japanese release, sign of DLC to come? (Archived)PedroMontana53/29/2014
Question about Metal Sonic and the Outrun track (Archived)Blakeism43/29/2014
If DLC ever happens (Archived)MiketheTMNT23/18/2014
Have 5 controllers, anyone up for an online match for the 'Team Sonic' sticker? (Archived)R_O_B_Sentry23/10/2014
Sticker help: ''Parts shop'' equip a mod and win an event??? (Archived)R_O_B_Sentry12/2/2014
Matchmaking rating glitch? (Archived)brent_starks11/18/2014
What I think the game needs... (Not complaints.) (Archived)Voodoo_Voldo11/14/2014
My biggest issue with the game... (Archived)Voodoo_Voldo11/11/2014
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