help getting some stickers

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2 years ago#1
so I would like to get some help getting some stickers.

I have 5 controllers so one other person with 5 controllers to get the team sonic sticker.

the resurrect yourself 5 times in a battle arena.

also any tips on how to get float like a butterly, it says dodge ten items during a race. any good way to boost this?

my Nintendo ID is BlueEyedDante
2 years ago#2
Just got the Butterfly one today, it was a surprise though, I wasn't going for it. I just had a pretty rough race online lol. I didn't have any idea I managed to dodge that many haha.
2 years ago#3
all I have left now for stickers is actually team sonic and all the time trial victories.
2 years ago#4

Once I opened up all the characters and had a few fun online matches I was pretty much done with this game. I posted a couple Online Match videos to my YouTube page and now on to Mario Kart 8!

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