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Is it possible to finish World Tour by just clearing B-Class? (Archived)
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Petition for DLC possibilities by Sumo (Archived)
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the 2nd map in grand prix mode (Archived)NinjaGamer_23111/26/2012
So, how many stars do you have to have to unlock... (Archived)Portalofpikmin5711/26/2012
Brilliant article by Nintendo Gamer (Archived)Toadster9001911/26/2012
Why all the Danica hate? (Archived)
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can you switch Miis? (Archived)GaryAtEastern411/25/2012
how is arena mode in this game (Archived)phoenix9107311/25/2012
Roulette Rush Easy Mode Probem (Archived)DarknessWing711/25/2012
Just installed new update... (Archived)BorkPizza811/25/2012
There's a boost challenge I can't skip (Archived)Mr_Golden_Sun611/25/2012
Are all Grand Prix trophies gold? (Archived)JustPlainLucas411/25/2012
Mods and Controller Layout questions (Archived)brickwalker0311/25/2012
Boost Race. No weapons, huh? (Archived)JustPlainLucas411/25/2012
I need help on getting more stars! Some Spoilers (Archived)NickLOLZ611/25/2012
What is your least favorite and favorite track in each cup? (Archived)Portalofpikmin5611/25/2012
Offical Beat the top score thread (Archived)zferolie511/25/2012
Huh, I think Time attack is bugged too. (Archived)zferolie411/25/2012
Just got eliminated due to no fault of my own (Archived)JustPlainLucas411/25/2012
NiGHTS has a stupid on his head. (Archived)
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