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Why are the health pickups red now?Domon_X210/1 1:33PM
Camera move automatically! :( (Archived)heubergen39/8 12:24PM
Its never gonna go on sale :( (Archived)Domon_X38/25 9:27PM
Missing Weapons help! (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
DJ_Tomato117/15 7:07AM
Close to platinum, need help with infernos! (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
DJ_Tomato157/9 6:26PM
Looking for someone to play (Archived)rjbooth21956/26 1:11PM
Are you ready to protect the earth? need friends for Multiplayer. (Archived)GAMING_HAZZARD16/16 1:09PM
Will this ever go on sale again? (Archived)Domon_X26/14 1:01PM
Small kill trophy and weapon farming guide (Archived)_-LaRe-_35/27 2:27PM
EDF 2017 Portable FAQ is live! (Archived)eastx85/21 8:28PM
EDF 2 Portable V2. I have the game if you have any questions. (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
JoeandJen375/19 2:06PM
What's weapons for Ranger Mission 50 Hardest in single???? (Archived)uaz7545/14 10:01PM
WHEN DOES THIS ******* MISSION ENd!??!?! (Archived)flySaber74/19 8:31AM
Anyone know the best place to farm the.... (Archived)kbgan44/17 10:00AM
Anyone wanna farm Lysander Z? (Archived)Todd13494/15 7:55AM
Is it possible to use the Genocide gun in MP coop? (Archived)kbgan24/6 9:53AM
Please add your PSN id to play ONLINE (Archived)uaz7583/28 2:58PM
What weapons for mission 59 (Grave) hard level????? (Archived)uaz7543/9 3:54PM
On sale for $12 starting tomorrow (Archived)davebrit293/2 9:15AM
who is the dumb*** who designed the vehicle control (Archived)shinchikudo22/26 10:44AM
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