Katana location guide, select your own stats & unlimited katanas

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How to get the Katana in Dead Island: Riptide, and also how to select your own Katana stats and name. Also, a trick to get unlimited Katanas :D


- Enter Stan's house
- Run to the Katanas on the wall
- Look at their stats
- Run back to the entrance, do not exit
- Run back to the Katanas
- The stats and name will have changed
- Rinse and repeat until you get the Katana that you want!

Katana stats will vary for your level, but I have done this none stop for around half hour at level 58, the stats varied with 1700 being the most common, but all the way to a gold 2200 popping up, which is now my current weapon :D


- Enter Stan's House
- Run to the Katanas
- Collect them both
- Exit Stan's House
- Re-Enter Stan's House
- Collect more Katanas
- Rinse and repeat!
- There is a shop right next to Stan's House - Use this trick for unlimited money!

I have tested this with both the ER quest in progress and completed. Simply exiting and re-entering the house will make the Katanas respawn on the wall. Just collect them, leave the house, re-enter and go ahead and sell them to the shop next door. I haven't seen a Katana sell less than 1100 yet. Note that the infected also re-spawn including walkers, infected, a thug and a suicider.

Hope this helps! :D
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Thanks TC, this should help me later on.
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Thanks tc!
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Happy to help! I am casually grinding and exploring the game, so will probably put some more guides up as and when I find something that is going to help other gamers :)
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Great trick for Xian users! Katanas are by far the most powerful bladed weapons in the game.
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xian says thank you thank you thank you
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Currently enjoying the new game +1 with katana and chainsaw zombie slaughter :D So happy I found that house! Lol! The game is way more enjoyable the second time round as you start in Paradise with your full inventory, weapons, cash and all :)
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Where is stans house?
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psnshade71 posted...
Where is stans house?

watch the linked video, it shows ya where it is in Hernderson.
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I use a lvl 63 Gold Electric Storm Katana, it's wicked!
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