3 guides: Sniper locations, unlimited guns & money, rocket launcher location

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Hi guys, just sharing these 3 guides I have just got through editing and uploading. More coming! :D Hope you are enjoying Riptide as much as I am!

Sniper Rifle Spawn Location & Merchant

Video Guide: - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QK_mga4Z44c

Step By Step: -


- Fast travel to Palanai Ferry Dock
- From the map, walk straight ahead
- You will see a truck on top of a billboard
- Walk behind the billboard
- Climb the ladder to get the sniper rifle from a body.


- Fast travel to Fort Henderson
- Run in a straight line past Stan's House
- There is a shop here
- This merchant sells Green Sniper rifles

There have also been reports of gold / orange sniper rifles, as well as legendary sniper rifles. I am currently looking for these!


Unlimited Guns, Rockets, Keepsake Photos, Katanas & Money!

Video Guide: - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SpggsWdy8k8

Step By Step: -


- Fast travel to Fort Henderson
- Run to Stan's House
- Loot the Katanas from the wall
- Exit Stan's House
- Walk next door to the weapons store
- Sell the Katans
- Pick up the Keepsake Photo from the desk
- Run back to Fort Henderson
- Fast travel to the old cinema
- Raid the safes in the ticket booth
- Climb to the cinema roof
- Collect all of the guns, ammo and the rocket launcher
- Give the keepsake photo to Jaqui
- Map travel back to Fort Henderson
- Sell your loot
- Rinse and repeat!

Keepsake photos, katanas and guns all respawn every time you enter and exit Stan's House, or any other area in the game such as Dead Zones, new maps and so on.


M72 LAW Rocket Launcher location: -

Video Guide: - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A5efnI1R4D0

Step By Step: -


- Fast travel to The Old Cinema
- Exit the building and climb to the roof
- The launcher will be right in front of you
- Fast travel and enter an area such as Stan's House.
- Exit Stan's house
- Fast travel back to the cinema and go back to the roof
- Rinse and repeat the above for unlimited rocket launchers


Also, if you missed the threads with my other video guides, here are the links:

Katana Location Guide - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VF---SfVu80

Chainsaw Location Guide - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XItNnerHnGo


All of these weapons, except for the Rocket Launcher, scale as you level up. However, they do not scale WITH you. For example, if you colect a Katana at level 50, that Katana will be level 50. If you hit level 60, your Katana will still be level 50, but if you return to the spawn location, you can get a level 60 Katana. This is great for upgrading your weapons! Chainsaw, Katana, guns, sniper, etcs, all scale with your level, so return to upgrade from time to time! Also note that, the merchant that sells the sniper rifle ALWAYS sells sniper rifles that are better than the spawn.

Thanks for reading guys, hope this helps out some fellow zombie fanatics and especially Dead Island fans who are enjoying this game! :D
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Topic tracked, thanks man or lady :).
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Actually the merchant that appears at the military base after you have completed it also has a chance of selling the blue bolt action snipers. however if you complete zoeys team quest and make sure to check her often she will sell the Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle which in my opinion beats the Bolt-Actin by a mile. havnt seen her sell a blue semi but she does sell green one which is still xtremely awesome. will let ya know if I see a blue semi on her tho
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also for Law rockets and a lot of ammo, just go into qaurintine zone and take a left at the bulldozer, should be a law, 3 rockets, and LOTS of ammo
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@Steelholst - Thank you for the information! I was getting round to upgrading Zoey's shop but keep getting sidetracked, now I have an incentive to do so! :D
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Next guides will be complete survivor rescue missions, an easy gold chest respawn trick and the ammo mods!

( Sorry for the double post, just an update! :D )
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Algandars posted...
Next guides will be complete survivor rescue missions, an easy gold chest respawn trick and the ammo mods!

( Sorry for the double post, just an update! :D )

hit me up on xbox and ill help ya with the rescue missions. tag is StEElHolSt
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you good sir (or madame!) are a saint!

I want to agree with you but then we'd BOTH be wrong...
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Sir! Haha :D

I sadly do not have Xbox Live at the moment, gutted as I am itching to try out the co-op :(

My GT is "LetsPlayCatZ", go ahead and add me, and I will drop you a message when I can actually afford live! :D
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Thanks TC!!!
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