How does fast travel work ?

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3 years ago#1
Ok so I've found a few places and the wheel icon appears on the map. But when I go to the map in the hut and interact with it it still only shows the base camp as an option to travel too.
3 years ago#2
Ermmm no one can take 5 secs to answer ? Really can't figure out fast travel.
3 years ago#3
The wheel icon is not a fast travel icon. Its a landmark icon. The fast travel icon almost looks like fast forward button. It will be on the map, and when you get there, there will be a map on a wall that you can interact with.
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3 years ago#4
Fast travel locations only become available after you've visited certain locations or completed certain tasks. For example, finish the mission at the marina, and you'll be able to fast travel between there and Paradise, and so on.
3 years ago#5
A huh ok cheers thanks.
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  3. How does fast travel work ?

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