About jobs HP growth (LV UP) May contain Spoilers

#11VeghEstherPosted 10/4/2012 9:13:29 AM
I wouldn't worry about max stats a Black Belt at job level 99 would only have 9999 HP with partyy members AT level 99 and it takes hours to level in the final dungeon from level 60+ onwards.

So I just went in with 2 Ninjas + Sages + level 58 PC's had only Dragoon be the only job at class level 99 for the entire game.

Besides the only enemy that can level a 9999 HP pc's to zero is the Iron Giant and I couldn't even access the dungeon to fight it anyways.
#12Jak7733Posted 10/5/2012 2:17:25 AM
Monk VIT really is nothing special. Of the first crystal jobs, it definitely has the highest VIT, but it makes little to no difference before you unlock the Knight, which is you best choice for HP until you u lock Black Belt. At level 20, according to the chart on the DS FAQ, all the first crystal jobs as well as Freelancer have the same VIT until that point, at which the Freelancer has 15, the Monk has 17, and everyone else has 16. Its all moot, though, because you should have Knight unlocked no later than level 15, at which point they all have the same VIT. Also, as long as you switch to Black Belt soon enough, there's nothing to worry about with hitting the cap. It's around the level 50-60 range that you should have some concern. For example, as long as you have 24 maximum HP by level 42 you are guaranteed to get 9,999 HP. By level 42, even if they were all done as an Onion Knight, you WILL have at least several hundred HP, possibly over 1,000 depending on your choices.

But if you want to maximize your HP gains early on, just keep all your character level.ups close together and regulate them to all happen as the Knight job after it's unlocked.
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#13VeghEstherPosted 10/5/2012 9:09:39 AM
As for low levels while its a good idea for having Knight etc unlocked I had to level up to be the same level as the current boss.

So for the fire crystal boss I was arleady at level 24 after beating it etc.
#14Jak7733Posted 10/5/2012 6:38:25 PM(edited)
Wow, man. I consistently get to the Water Crystal's boss around 16-18. It might be time to rethink your strategies. I actually uploaded a series of boss fights on YouTube at these levels. Of course I've never been able to beat the Water Crystal boss below level 18, so that's where I stopped at. You can find my videos on my old channel http://www.youtube.com/mysticshadow73 I believe I have them in a play list for convenience, if not I will check it in a few minutes. The quality is pretty horrible, though, as I recorded it on the DS version back in like 2007, well before I got my capture device.

EDIT: The video for Medusa isn't up because it went over the time limit I had, but if you need to see that one, let me know and I'll reupload it since I don't have a time limit anymore.
What the hell is a Firioniel? Is that the cable that fits an iFrion? - ponosmcgee on Dissidia Final Fantasy
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As for water crystal boss since the boss is around level 24 and so are the random battle monsters I had to be at the same level as the enemies but first started the said dungeon only at level 19 to 20.