Anyone find the game boring?!?!

#1whyterose86Posted 11/5/2012 4:35:12 PM
It looks nice, but the load screens between screens kills immersion. The platforming feels "off" too. Best thing about the game are the odd "characters" you meet and speak to on your journey. I'm glad I got it to support the devs(maybe a future title will shine), but this one(however promising) is simply boring. I have no "urge" to play.....thoughts?
#2KrazyIvan77Posted 11/6/2012 12:46:34 AM
Same here, it's just kind of boring. It's not really a puzzle game, the reviews make it sound somewhat like Braid. It's more like Super Mario Brothers 1 with a gimmick. Also, platforming games are kind of tough with the analog stick I think, may be why it seems slightly off on the controls.
#3Bordin21Posted 11/6/2012 6:03:30 AM
I beat the game on normal and hard. Loved it, but i agree with your complaints about controls. They are not bad, but nowhere near the perfection of Spelunky's or SMB. Also i think they shoild allow you to peeking up and down in some of the bigger levels, similar to Spelunky. Many times i died just because i can't see if there is platform or trap under me.

Oh, i hate these collectibles. I wish there was a in-game checklist for every area.
#4Azrael360Posted 11/24/2012 7:18:25 PM
I don't consider it boring, but very, very repetitive... to the point of exhaustion.

It looks very nice, sounds nice, and the story and characters are nice... in others words, everything is nice... until you play it. 1 hour later, you only want to end the game already. I stopped playing this game at the first boss (in the dining room and the broken dishes). What a waste of time and money... very disappointing.

A much better alternative is Limbo.