This is my airline so far

#1Chev427BBPosted 7/9/2012 3:31:42 PM(edited)

The flights are pretty chaotic right now, but once I start unlocking better planes and opening airports across the country I'll be setting certain airports up as hub airports with smaller planes on standby to take passengers and cargo to the smaller airports.

Also, here's a list of planes I have right now.


Most are crap but I'm now in the process of phasing them out. I can apparently buy class 2 planes now, but the ones on the market right now cost 40 bux and there are no parts for any of them.

My idea for now is 2 passenger planes, 2 cargo planes and 2 mixed planes which should be enough to cover the area I have unlocked so far.
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#2RatedRKO7Posted 7/26/2012 2:07:58 PM
You should expand your service area.
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