Apparently this HD rerelease is going to run in NATIVE 1080p!

#11tigerex777Posted 10/18/2012 6:43:11 AM
Games on the ps3 and 360 rarely rum on native 1080p because developers need to use the hardware resources, mainly the ram, for other stuff such as anti-aliasing(a very weak form of one) and other technical stuff I'm not too familiar with, maybe more advance shaders, more particles and lightning. If the systems were more powerful I'm guessing they would make a 1080p option for it but the price of the hardware would be more expensive.
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...Tweaking a game to run at a higher resolution isn't "forcful" at all. It's a very, very simple procedure

It doesn't matter if it's simple. The fact is that you have to literally force the resolution. If you're tweaking a game to run at a resolution it wouldn't run normally, then you're forcing that game to run at that resolution.
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This is a very useful list if you're curious about PS3 game resolutions:
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The PS2 and Wii can not output resolutions higher than 480p. Stop spreading moronic misinformation.
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The gamecube ran in 1080p. HA! I needed a good joke, but that wasn't it. sheeesh