the one thing i want more than hd resolution

#11Siegfried066Posted 10/29/2012 1:08:50 PM
Try finishing the Survival demon gates with only level 1 weapons. The last part of the final survival gate was pretty tough :p

I know it's not really a Hard mode for the entire game, but at least it's something (with a good combinations of enemy "sets")..
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From: Baldulf | #008
Yes, game being too easy is the only flaw it has. It really needs a hard mode.

I remember dying only once on my first play (in one of the survival chambers)

Yes it does!

From: Tamerican | #009
they could go the way of valkyria chronicles & offer a DLC that added a harder mode; i mean for keeping the game "original" sake. i would like that option.

This is an awesome idea, man, I wish Capcom would listen to you.
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