So can you play in different languages with the psn version?

#1Nivek1222Posted 4/14/2013 7:39:14 PM
I'm curious as to why the disc install is actually bigger than the digital install

Could it be because of language support?

Can anyone confirm/deny that you can play the psn version in something besides English (by changing the language of the ps3 via the xmb)?
#2jRPGFanPosted 4/17/2013 5:03:13 AM
I am registered on Japanese PSN and have bought Okami from it. The game does have language support - all you have to do is change your system language. Supported languages are as follows: Japanese, English, German and French. The only thing that is going to be in Japanese is the pre-recorded intro that comes before the main screen, after that everything will be in English and when you start the game the same intro that was in Japanese before, will be in above languages. Also the Trophies are the same for both game versions - even if you unlock platinum on English version and then change the language to Japanese\German\French, the trophies will be translated automatically. Oh and the saves are also compatible with each version. Once again, the Okami I have downloaded was from Japanese PSN, so I have no idea if other regions have such language support. Also the size for this version, after installation, is 7761MB.
Anyway, hope you will have a great time venturing into one of the greatest adventures called Okami :)
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#3Nivek1222(Topic Creator)Posted 4/18/2013 10:00:14 PM
Thank you that's interesting information

It seems the disc and the Japanese psn version have the same install size and language support, but many other regions have the ~6.2GB psn version. That's the difference I was curious about