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4 years ago#1
... anybody knew if the Mobile Suits from Gundam 00V will be in the game (like Dynames Torpedo and Nadleeh Akwos)?
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4 years ago#2
The only 00V units that we know about so far are the Avalanche Exia and Jagd Arche.
4 years ago#3
Well, that's all they've chosen to reveal so far. Doesn't necessarily mean they're the only ones, though.

Considering they filled out all the UC blanks (as in, none of the series listed are blacked out) in the last update, wouldn't be surprised if the AUs and misc stuff got their turn in the next one. Maybe we'll see something new then.
4 years ago#4
Hence why I said "the only ones we know about so far".
And there are no more blanks for 00V. So anything that we learn about from this point will be through famitsu or once the actual game is out.
4 years ago#5
Well when I said the blanks were filled in, I meant none of the UC series that are listed on the main site are blacked out with no entries (like Seed MSV, 00, etc still are). They're all "lit up" and have at least one MS listed (although I wonder why the Gaza-C is listed under the Zeta movies and Qubeley is under ZZ, both appeared in Zeta). I think they can easily add more MS if they so chose.

I was just saying maybe we'll see something else under 00V on the next update if they add a whole bunch of AU things. Maybe not, hard to say. They're being pretty random with their reveals.
4 years ago#6
That series list doesn't really have anything to do with it. If you check the series lists they have empty slots for each unit before they're added. 00V's are filled up. Yeah, they could add more slots for anything, but there's no real reason to believe that they will when they haven't so far.

The Gaza-C is in ANT because it's Haman's Gaza-C and that didn't appear in the TV series. The Qubeley is listed under ZZ because they sometimes list stuff under what it's more "important" or prominently featured in and they don't always list things correctly. For example the Psyco Gundam Mk-II usually appears in ZZ instead of Zeta and MSV stuff appears in MSG from time to time.
4 years ago#7
Actually, it's the regular Gaza-C that they have under the movies, not Haman's white one. Again, I'm pretty sure that appeared in the series (and considering I've seen a screenshot of Char's Zaku II without Char in it, I don't think the custom units are linked to who's piloting what anymore, so Haman's Gaza-C shouldn't be the cause of it)
4 years ago#8
No, it's Haman's -_- Seriously, I'm looking at it right now in G Generation World and it has the exact same profile image. The regular Gaza-C faces the other direction and is a more neon pink. And trust me, that didn't appear in the TV series.
4 years ago#9
Well, I'm looking right at both the OverWorld site and World. The site has the regular Gaza-C listed (it's in the regular colors and the katakana is plainly just Gaza-C, not Haman Custom Gaza-C or anything). To make things confusing as heck, though, they have Haman listed as the pilot (again, the name and colors do not reflect it's her custom unit) and one of the accompanying screenshots I think is of her white Gaza-C.

Seems like it could easily be a mistake and someone put the wrong Gaza-C in when it actually should have been Haman's put there, but who knows? Does anyone ever use it anyway? I'd rather have the Qubeley...
4 years ago#10
Not one of the screenshots, ALL of the screenshots. They're all Haman's Gaza-C because that's Haman's Gaza-C and not the regular one lol. Seriously, look at the profile image in World, they didn't even change the image. The regular Gaza-C is darker, faces the other direction, and is in a different pose. The name doesn't indicate it's Haman's, but it's not the first mistake they've made on the MS list.

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