What Custom BGM did you put for your characters?

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User Info: rampage333

4 years ago#1
i know this is abit random, but just interested in what custom bgm did you peeps put.

my list:
shin asuka - UN owen(Touhou flandre theme)
kira yamato - R-Truth Theme(WWE, i know it's weird, each time the song is being play i am laughing my ass out)

both of them make me laugh because of the weirdness LOL!

User Info: Zexiel

4 years ago#2
There was another thread about this, but it's pretty dead now and I don't feel like necrobumping, so eh. I'm mainly using the appropriate anime OPs when I can, lots of tracks from SRW OSTs and a few from Blazblue.

Warning: very long list ahead.

Judau Ashta: Anime Ja Nai (ZZ OP)
Mark Gilder: Dark Knight (SRW OGs)
Ranalow Shade: Koutetsu no Beowulf (SRW OGs)
Ellis Claude: ASH TO ASH (SRW OGs)
Abram M. Ramzat: Rebellion (Blazblue)
Blood: Black Stranger (SRW Z)
Nelly Olson: Platinum Lucifer (SRW OGs)
Cherie Allison & Asemu Asuno (when unlocked): Unmei no Saki e (AGE)
Kachua Reese & Yurin l'Ciel: Fairy Dang Sing (SRW OGs)
Boris Schauer: Trombe! (SRW OGs)
Lowe Guele: The Sword That Cleaves Evil (SRW OGs)
Rondo Mina Sahaku: Lust SIN (Blazblue)
Lacus Clyne: vestige (GSD)
Kira Yamato (both versions): Meteor (GS)
Shinn Asuka: ignited (GSD)
Meer Campbell: Universal Bunny (Macross Frontier)
Loran Cehack: Turn A Turn (Turn A)
Garrod Ran & Tiffa Adill: Resolution (X)
Relena Peacecraft: RHYTHM EMOTION (W)
Zechs Merquise & Lucrezia Noin: Last Impression (EW)
Noyama Rina: Tokkou Yarou?! (FMP Fumoffu?!)
Banagher Links: MOBILE SUIT (W-Rec Mix) (UC)
Marida Cruz & Puru Twelve (when unlocked): 1ST MOV.: BANSHEE (UC)
Amuro Ray & Char Aznable (0093): Main Theme (CCA)
Kou Uraki & Anavel Gato: MEN OF DESTINY (0083)
Shiro Amada & Aina Saharin: Shine in the Storm (08th)
Innovades (Ribbons/Revive/Healing/Bring/Divine): VIOLENT BATTLE (SRW OGs)
Code Phoenix (when unlocked): The Gate of Magus (SRW OGs)

User Info: Curemaster

4 years ago#3
Well I only put the custom BGM for my custom characters and Char (0079):
-) Custom Male: Awake! Zeorymer! (Hades Project Zeorymer)

-) Custom Female: At first, I put the Happy Tree Friends theme. But I feels it was kinda off, so I switched it into Wanna be Free! (Ragnarok Online)

-) Char (0079): Char ga Kuru! <acoustic ver.> (Gundam Unplugged)
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User Info: Sid_Icarus

4 years ago#4
Group 1

Harry Ord: Default music, can't argue with Turn A music

Team 1 leader: Tetsu Inada voiced custom in Schwarz Bruder attire (Doban): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bOO7cT0ecOI
Member 2: Hot blooded delinquent custom: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tqBCFrRQEcI
Member 3: Serious custom in bushido attire: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XhaGRRXDfEA
Member 4: Cold female in Harry Ord gear: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fe6m2rvfIHA (only version of it on youtube)

Team 2 Leader: Movie Graham: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWV9Yv5VPFU
Member 2: Johnny Ridden:
Member 3:Haru Irei: Default music, I just love it
Member 4: Setsuna S2: Ash Like Snow

Group 2:

Char OYW: Char Ga Kuru

Team 1 Leader: Erik Blanke: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Igh7JIwOgEw
Member 2: Dearka Elsman: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d3NPlVd09Tc
Member 3: Sai Saici: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6wxCuq2OltE
Member 4: Norris Packard: Default

Team 2 Leader: Char CCA: All default. Just all of them. Absolutely love those songs
Member 2: Banagher Links
Member 3: Kamille Bidan
Member 4: Ple 12:
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User Info: billy_rabino

4 years ago#5
My music :

Shinn : Evolvin' Storm (Kamen Rider Fourze)
Mark : Shiny Tale (Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou)
Ellis : Giant Step (Kamen Rider Fourze)
Ranalow : Cyclone Effect (Kamen Rider W)
Milliardo : one (Queen's Blade : Spiral Chaos)
Custom Char (Ayahi Takagaki) : chaosmaid (MAIDLOID Acme Iku)
Custom Char (Arisa Ogasawara) : Stardust Dreams (Touhou Sky Fight)
Yurin : Splendid Flower (Hana to Otome ni Shukufuku wo)
Sis Mitveil : Attack with FULL FORCE (Haiyore! Nyarko-san!)

Setsuna : Susume! Ultraman Zero (Ultraman Zero : Revenge of Belial)
Kachua : Regret Nothing ~Tighten Up~ (Kamen Rider OOO)
Billy : Free Your Heat (Kamen Rider W)
Florence : Mischievous of Alice (Queen's Gate : Spiral Chaos)
Twink : Pandora no Yoru (Corpse Party : Book of Shadow)
Lilia : Time judged all (Kamen Rider OOO)
Rachel : POWER to TEARER (Kamen Rider OOO)
Seabook : COSMIC MIND (Kamen Rider Fourze)
Just a passing-through Kamen Rider, Remember that!!

User Info: rampage333

4 years ago#6
lol you really are into kamen rider eh..

User Info: billy_rabino

4 years ago#7
rampage333 posted...
lol you really are into kamen rider eh..

Well, It is my favorite series.
Just a passing-through Kamen Rider, Remember that!!

User Info: HaganenoTamashi

4 years ago#8
Kou & Gato: Men of Destiny
Kamille: Run through Space - Zeta activates
Judau: Hatsudo Double Zeta
Heero: Last Impression
Garrod & Tifa: Dreams
Rolan: Turn A Turn
Diana: Lunar Cocoon
Kira & Athrun (SEED): Meteor
Lacus & Cagalli: Realize
Yzak, Dearka, Nicol, Shiho: Invoke
Shinn: Ignited
Kira & Athrun (Destiny): Vestige
Flit, Asemu, Wolf: Unmei no saki e
Yurin: Treue
Code Phoenix: Hero Senki
PSN: Hagane_no_Yuusha

User Info: latouny

4 years ago#9
Banagher - MAD-NUG
Setsuna (1st Season) - TRANS-ARM RAISER
Amuro Ray (Zeta) - Sally
Cammile Vidan - Uchu o Kakeru Zeta Hatsudo
Judou Ashta - Hatsudo ZZ
Heero Yuy - Rhythm Emotion (Z2 Rip)
Garrod Ran - GX Hatsudo
Kira Yamato (Destiny) - Meteor (Z Rip)
Asemu Asuno - Unmei no Saki e
Lacus Clyne - Realize (@3 Rip)
Domon Kashuu - Kyoudai Kasuru Yabou
Elpeo Ple - Silent Voice (@3 Rip)
Meer Campbell - Emotion
Shiho (Gundam Seed MSV.. Dont' Know the last name) - Invoke (@3 Rip)

User Info: Kill_Goku_2

4 years ago#10
for my original female character I used this, I cut it to start @ 0:29 in-game

for my original male character I used the original Mazinkaiser theme from SRW@3

OYW characters (minus some Zeon mooks, because, hey, Gallant Char) I used

For CCA Amuro I used

and last but not least, for Domon and Master Asia I used...
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