How playable is this if you don't know Japanese?

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Yeah I noticed the gbatemp topic.

Think I'll sit on this game for a while and see what crops up there.

P.S That Grand Knight History patch is one tough son of a ***** to find >_>

It is so freaky easy to find. Head of pspiso ?
Heard of Google ? Knights History (JP) v2.2.5 Eng Patch).

Yeah its super easy to find but get the 1.1 patch. It's better
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I played galge/dating sim and I still can understand what they said. XD
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6 -7 ..most of the quest/ sub quest/ options needs basic knowledge in japanese're good to go if you are at lv 3- 5 understanding in japanse..

if this is your first japanese game.then the difficulty is 9/8
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