A little hope or maybe not

#1yomikaeruPosted 6/5/2013 8:47:41 AM
I'm currently translating the SAO Infinity Moment right now. When it is done, I plan to make a story translation web for it. But until now I only made it until the 83th floor for the translation. Since it takes about a week to completes a floor translations, maybe it takes about two or three months to complete it. Also it takes time to make a web. Hope made it in time.

Well I still could answer a little about the story from the 76th floor until the 83th though. Well I'm not a from japan and also don't have japan language certificate but only a half otaku. Still I don't think the translation is bad.
#2hikaonaPosted 6/13/2013 11:49:26 AM
If what you said was real, I think you should lend these guys a hand because they're translating this awesome game, too:
Sorry for my bad English and wish you best luck!
#3yomikaeru(Topic Creator)Posted 6/14/2013 12:58:24 AM
From what I learned from english and japanese, there is one thing that I know. English can't fully transform the meaning of japanese in words. The language of Japanese contains full of emotions while the english contains full of information. From my experience, playing the same game with different language is feels very different. Deleting the text of japanese and replace it with english in the game makes the image of the game feels different. Still, you can understand the emotions clearly if you know how to read hiragana and if you watched a lot of animes.

Forgive my ego but I think I will try something so the peoples can understand the weight of japanese words. And forgive me too for my language, cause I'm not from a country that uses english everyday. It just about what I feel. Like I said, I'm only a half otaku.