Any news on a english patch or if one is even started?

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  3. Any news on a english patch or if one is even started?
3 years ago#1
I know that patching a game can't be easy especially if its in a diff language. But does anyone know if one is even started yet. Because I love the anime and I got the game and attempted to play it and I just couldn't get into because I can't understand the tutorials :( and the patches I have seen dont work or they are fake because alot of the game is in english anyway. And the story is the best part when it come to the series. But if anybody is working on one or has heard something please let me know.
3 years ago#2
I've successfully started on modifying the binary data so translation is not that hard, it just requires a lot of effort as there are 2700+ files to look into after an hour of sorting.

I've completed menu, skill and character episode memo prompts ("Seems like Asuna has something to tell me over at Agil's Shop.", etc) translations, but I've put the project on halt as I'm busy with real life obligations and my free time has been into playing PSO2 and DOTA2.

I'll also need to find a way to make it a small file patch rather than a huge already-translated ISO, because I don't support piracy.
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3 years ago#3
I'm not trying to be rude but when do u think u would finish it?and r u just doing the menus and skills or 100% translation? And like I said I'm not trying to be rude I'm just really looking forward to this. Thank you
3 years ago#4
You might as well find other games to play and put this out of your mind for at least 9 months and check back. VC3 has had steady work done on its translations and they are pushing over a year already.
3 years ago#5
It's just the parts I've listed down so far. I might attempt on the rest but I won't guarantee anything as it'll take a while for interest to build up, since I completed the game two times and got bored of it.

Chances are, the guys over at gbatemp ( would probably finish up with the translation before I come out with anything. I'm not working with them because I've had some bad experience working with translation groups so I'm doing things solo now under different aliases (and I'm not really fond of the elitists on gbatemp but that's another matter).

If you want to play as soon as possible, the fastest method would be Googling up for online translations (not patches, but rather texts/videos online). I've seen some while Googling up the gbatemp link earlier on, and yomikaeru has stated he was working on a web translation which should take much less time (
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3 years ago#6
Thanks for your... Help and you think that I could just watch a translation bid or print out an translation and that would at least help me through the game and have an idea on what is happening.
3 years ago#7
Thanks for your help... But u think there is a txt translation and it can help me with the game and help me have an idea of what is going on
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