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Biggest mistake (Archived)edgaras90417/7 4:48PM
I need help. (Archived)MiNdWarped6778036/3 12:27PM
improving edicts (Archived)Valy_BarbaCot23/18 11:50PM
I love how the workshop doesn't actually remove old mods! (Archived)BlackScythe013/8 10:20AM
Garrisons need to be brought back. (Archived)krasor11/3 2:25AM
How is your Legion Organized? (Archived)Alesandros312/27 11:12AM
Question about offline Lan battles (Archived)wo0ter112/20 4:10AM
I'm surprised this board isn't very active. (Archived)Acdcfantony712/13 9:27AM
Is the original Rome playable on Windows 8.1? (Archived)vivi21411/6 9:51PM
Tried this game again lately, imo it's STILL not worth playing (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
sfcalimari1711/4 10:06AM
Playing as Rome - how/when do I unlock slingers and/or archers? (Archived)farrenfarren710/21 8:17PM
Am I the only one who had ZERO problems with this game? (Archived)Padraigo52410/14 3:21PM
Completely new player here (Archived)YamiJustin910/3/2014
wtf, Epirus attacking Athens only when the latter has a full stack. (Archived)Kanthaka29/24/2014
worth it? (Archived)Southpaw8969/19/2014
Are Scythed Chariots still a problem? (Archived)Bladeof_Shadows38/31/2014
How does this game compare to Shogun 2? (Archived)Lord_Zath277/28/2014
Freezing on Faction Intros and Turn Starts (Archived)pliskin3317/17/2014
When are we getting a Three Kingdoms Total War? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Can anyone explain formation hotkeys? (Archived)IronknuckleMM37/1/2014
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