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controls (Archived)N1GHTS15/29 9:01AM
Missing option on main menu? (Archived)RunRunToGoGO18/27/2014
All the special events of this HD version of NiGHTS into Dreams... (Archived)Shyning7717/12/2014
Anyone out there playing Christmas Nights tonight? (Archived)Jerrynsteph4eva112/24/2013
I can't decide which game is more lenient with it's A-Ranks this or the sequel. (Archived)Thenumber1yoshi13/28/2013
Not that I expected the A-Life system to be better than the SA and JoD ver. (Archived)Thenumber1yoshi13/21/2013
Deal of the week 05/03/13 (Archived)sshadow500223/6/2013
So was the original on the actual Saturn really this barebones in content? (Archived)Thenumber1yoshi412/28/2012
So would it be possible for them to add stuff like Sonic into Dreams as DLC? (Archived)Thenumber1yoshi1012/20/2012
Control Fix is LIVE! (Archived)Firecrest712/6/2012
How do you get christmas nights in this. (Archived)Ikaruga_DC211/22/2012
Music changes (Archived)SpindashStudios511/4/2012
I honestly can't play this (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Cyber Akuma Zero1411/2/2012
Sega Saturn/360 HD comparisson video and review (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Leaderboards (Archived)Margatroid410/21/2012
Anyone else find the rose tinted glasses have finally come off? (Archived)Luuthian610/18/2012
Sloppy (Archived)
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A straight port of the PS2 version? Anything added/missing? (Archived)Cyber Akuma Zero910/13/2012
Running into a glitch on Twin Seeds (Archived)Cobalt_Strike710/13/2012
April 1st? (Archived)personae777410/12/2012
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