Jojo's Bizarre Adventure HD Aug.21th

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Yeah, let's pay more than we should for games. Great idea! Let's also pay $10 for one can of Coke. You can afford to pay $10, right?

dont be bitter that you cant afford a 20 buck fighting game.
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I can afford it easily, actually. But since you obviously have no problem throwing your money away, how about you buy a copy for everyone in this topic? I'll exclude myself if it makes it easier for you.
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naw i rather buy everyone some of your hypothetical 10 dollar cans of coke
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you can spend almost that much at a fast food joint or a trip to the movies SOLO i can go on but you cant spend $20 on a classic game that you can have and enjoy forever



Yeah, let's pay more than we should for games. Great idea! Let's also pay $10 for one can of Coke. You can afford to pay $10, right?

thats what u call an opinion which i dont share with u i think the game is well worth it and if u know where i can buy a $10 can of coke that never runs out sure ill buy
#35Lauz84Posted 7/20/2012 11:02:14 AM
Since when is it illegal to have a different taste and opinion? If you dont want to spend 20 bucks because 'its to much for what you get', then shut up and move on. in your opinion its too expensive.

If you want to spend 20 bucks, good for you. all that whining about different opinions is so lame..

And next to that, allot of you guys talk like you've played the game already. before its release, nobody can talk about "a couple of filters". They will redraw allot of things (like the faces that come up during a superspecial) and i do believe it gets the same treatment like sf3.

So quit whining like an 11-year old and move on if you dont like it. 20 bucks for an action packed fighting game with an awesome setting that delivers nostalgic feelings? Rather that instead of paying for a new $50 game which is completed in 4 hours..
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#36AfroPrimePosted 7/22/2012 6:19:26 PM
For me the price is about convenience. I would gladly pay $20 to play this game formatted for my HD television over PSN. I like PS3 controllers over Dreamcast or fight sticks.
I never liked that the PS1 version of the game was missing stuff from the arcade version.

I'm down.