Favourite GHA/HHA

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1 year ago#1
Sheer Heart Attack!!

....has no weaknesses.
Yes, you see? Im last, for I am the thread killer.
1 year ago#2
That was the zing of zings, I now crown Mr. Omori the King of Slams - SpiralSage (some guy)
1 year ago#3
HHA, Kira
GHA, Kosaku

Just too much awesome and nostalgia. DIO has great both, Anasui has an awesome HHA and Josuke has an awesome GHA
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1 year ago#4
Seiichi Omori posted...

Yes, you see? Im last, for I am the thread killer.
1 year ago#5
HHA, Bruno's
GHA, Johnny's.
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1 year ago#6
1 year ago#7
Johnny's GHA. All the feels ;~;
As for HHA, I'd say Giorno.
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1 year ago#8
HHA is giorno, GHA is josuke
1 year ago#9
Bite the Dust is my favorite attack in the whole game. Stray Cat is also pretty cool.
1 year ago#10

"If I heal you first, then it isn't cheating. DORARARARARARARARAAA! DORAAA!"

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