Zombie games = WW2 shooters

#1SNES_64_DC_XboxPosted 8/27/2012 3:21:20 AM
Has anyone else noticed the ridiculous amounts of zombie games there are these days?
I'm not necessarily complaining, more of simply amazed -I mean, I love zombie games, but look at this list:
Resident Evil Series, Dead Rising 1+2, Dead Island 1+(2), Walking Dead Episodes, CoD Nazi Zombies, Left 4 Dead 1+2, Walking Dead Game (this), Plants vs Zombies, Voodoo Nights
And that is just some of the retail Xbox 360 games.
And that isn't including less zombie-y survival horror games like Half-life series, Metro 1+2, Dead Space 1+2, Bioshock 1+2, etc.

and then there is State of Decay which looks extremely similar to this (and at first I thought this must just be a mislabeled page), here's the link to an article on it:

I guess zombie games, unlike WW2 shooters, don't become stale...
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#2spud_almightyPosted 9/2/2012 10:11:38 PM
Well that's highly debatable...