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3 years ago#11
We're this close to release, and we haven't seen anything that's verified final product footage. That just doesn't happen, especially when you have the financial backing of Activision. In fact, I don't think I've seen a single commercial for it during TWD, but I'm Canadian, so who knows.
It is pitch black in here, you are likely to be eaten by a Grue *CHOMP* Well... I warned him...
3 years ago#12
Some people out there with early release games are pretty much confirming what we all kinda thought. For most people...this game will prolly suck. Way to screw up a guaranteed hit Activision.
3 years ago#13
Based on the walkthrough vids - it looks fine to me.
Jill Valentine > You
3 years ago#14
Darque posted...
Based on the walkthrough vids - it looks fine to me.

Fine to you. Not most people. And might I point out that it just looks fine to you. Not great or fun or exciting. Just fine. Meh. All around meh. From what I've seen it looks okay. Just passable. This is the walking dead though and I'm expecting great. And Lori. Lots more Lori. Heh. I hate that b!#@h.
3 years ago#15
Who's this "most"?
Jill Valentine > You
3 years ago#16
The people in my poll and the majority of the people that claim to have it.

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