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User Info: c_morbid

4 years ago#1
If I quit out of the game half way through a level, will it save my last checkpoint? Or next time I play will I have to redo the whole level?

I ask because I've had some auto save issues with this game, so I don't really trust it...

User Info: Darque

4 years ago#2
You may, or may not, be screwed. It depends on what you've done.

The game saves each time you do an objective, or enter a new map.

There's no way to force a save (like you can in some games by altering settings - I tried X_x)

Personally, I always finish out a main location, and then stop at the beginning of the next one when I want to shut down.
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User Info: chasingmaynard

4 years ago#3
I think you might be on the bad side of screwed.

I've heard from 2 people on here that even though you may restart at a "halfway" point if you die... you won't start at that point if you go ahead and turn the game off. I'm pretty sure the game only really saves when you finish/at the start of the next location. (it also saves when you come out of the survivor or gear selection screen)

User Info: c_morbid

4 years ago#4
Alright thanks guys!

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