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Any word on new DLC?

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User Info: Mayday

3 years ago#1
I heard some rumblings months ago, but man if this game is as dead as this board.....
Anyway....I love this game and the thought of a new stage or two would be great. Does anyone know anything?
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User Info: ignorant_pants

3 years ago#2
I doubt we'll be seeing any more DLC for this one, unfortunately.

User Info: bleeding_violet

3 years ago#3
I thought we never saw any "DLC" unless by that you meant disc-locked-content, as opposed to downloadable content.

Anyways I doubt it at this point too but you never know.

User Info: bleeding_violet

3 years ago#4
Kind of just bumping this topic and wondering if anyone has heard anything on any actual DLC coming out. Am I the only one who would buy something if they released it?

User Info: edmullins73

3 years ago#5
Haven't heard about anything in the works, but I would definitely buy some new DLC - I loved the game and I don't think it would hurt to have something new up for sale with the new season not too far off
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