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something wierd happened (Archived)ninebreaker4775/20/2013
can you have only 1 relic active at a time? (Archived)PostalDudesHere75/20/2013
My Review on this Game (Archived)Space_Godzillla25/9/2013
Goddamn spawning zombies (Archived)RyanJMcD105/3/2013
New weapons DLC..... (Archived)Mayday45/2/2013
Is it worth it to send out survivors? (Archived)
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Help? (Archived)itsygo12324/28/2013
What am I doing wrong? Acheivement help: possible spoilers (Archived)Mayday54/25/2013
Is there a level/chapter select ? (Archived)E99E34/22/2013
Ranged weapon achievement (Archived)Mayday74/19/2013
Herd mode and walker execution pack are available on xbl today (Archived)
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Been selling very well more dlc on the way!!!! (Archived)
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Haha. How can anyone defend this piece of garbage? (Archived)
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I have The walking dead Herd mode dlc (Archived)rickyblue9474/17/2013
Where is the cheapest place in the UK to buy this game? (Archived)Yorkshire_1424/17/2013
Dude 3 achievements... (Archived)legionisvegas54/17/2013
OMG this game is TRASH! (Archived)
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Down to My Last Complete the Game with Only 1 Firearm and 1 Bullet Left (Archived)fceurich44/11/2013
If I liked Dead Island will I like this? (Archived)
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I really wish I could store items. (Archived)RyanJMcD34/10/2013
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