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New mode (Archived)Killallzombies94/10/2013
this isnt a democracy anymore! (Archived)leafsfan1854/10/2013
I own this game and I can't believe it (Archived)bleeding_violet104/7/2013
Anyone saying this is better than Telltale's game...... (Archived)
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Question about final level: spoiler alert (Archived)Mayday34/6/2013
Zero Punctuation Liked It! (Sort Of) (Archived)vegeta4054/6/2013
some questions for those more familar with the game than I (Archived)RyanJMcD44/6/2013
Trading Amazon code for Gamestop code (Archived)Jakeab199574/6/2013
Another price drop (3/24) (Archived)
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Secret Achievement (Archived)Tmastatay24/5/2013
Where can I get a code so I can play the herd mode? (Archived)THQServer34/4/2013
Relic question: possible spoilers (Archived)Mayday34/4/2013
Walking dead survival instinct herd mode code (Archived)Killallzombies64/4/2013
This, or Telltale's game? (Archived)
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and ANOTHER price drop! 4/2 (Archived)
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To Be honest Im enjoying this game quite well..... Love it (Archived)crypticzombie284/3/2013
Will the Weapons DLC eventually get released on Xbl? (Archived)crypticzombie274/2/2013
Archer Creek help please.... (Archived)Mayday34/2/2013
wow just wow (spoilers) (Archived)
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Outside of reviews, another indicator that this game is horrible and tanking... (Archived)DiaperDandee24/1/2013
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