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So why do I keep dying at the helicopter part *spoilers* (Archived)CalistoCoon73/26/2013
Survivors and other ?? (Archived)assassin24333/26/2013
What is the Doctor's name in the hospital? (Archived)
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Herd Mode Code? (Archived)
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Anyone else miss the days when a game came with a manual? (Archived)SparkItUp63/26/2013
SUV question (Archived)Mayday63/26/2013
Angry Joe said this game was awful. Imma buy it. Should I buy it? (Archived)pcmike243/26/2013
Hint for final level.......spoilers of course (Archived)Mayday33/25/2013
Scroll through all the topic creators on this board... (Archived)domesplitter1333/25/2013
What's herd like? (Archived)Err0r_71823/25/2013
Favourite weapons? (Archived)AlexFili53/25/2013
VentureBeat: 5.5 out of 10! "...leaves you feeling empty." (Archived)Saintx1373/25/2013
Getting swarmed quite a bit. Any tips? (Archived)Jkool33/25/2013
Why is my inventory randomly disappearing? (Archived)CalistoCoon33/25/2013
And that is how Norman Reedus feels about this game... SPOILERS (Archived)
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It maybe a cash grab but... (Archived)
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1000 out of 1000 (Archived)
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This game is bad, and you should feel bad if you bought it. (Archived)
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Now we know why this game was rushed!!! (Archived)fceurich33/25/2013
reviews make it sound cool while saying that it sucks. can it really be that bad (Archived)
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